I am DanZ.im. I like to live. I like to sleep. Please don't inhibit my ability to do either of these things.
I like to program. I currently work with objective c, c and python mainly. However, I do know how to work with javascript, java, c#, c++, asm (x86 ARM and AVR), mathematica and usually any scripting language. The one exception to the last sentence is haskell. I'm still figuring out haskell after 2 years. I like to learn. I currently am learning functional analysis in hope to understand modern PDEs. On top of this I am researching with the DES team. I help analyze supernova to help understand the size and attributes of the universe.
I like people who are honest. I like turtles cats and dogs in that order. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. Matt and Tom Rock ignored Xenon.